I have been writing since I was sixteen or seventeen years old, and I’ve had a few short stories published (see the bibliography for the highlights).

But in May last year, I went on hiatus. Life got hectic, all endings and new beginnings (I graduated from university, got a job, and moved house), and I had to put the writing on hold for a while. I only got back to it in May, when after five months of no writing, I tentatively wrote a short piece called ‘Weekend.’ I didn’t submit it anywhere for a while, because I felt rusty and I couldn’t tell whether it was any good. Eventually, I submitted it, and it has now been accepted for publication – more details on that soon.

I’ve written three more short stories since then, all of which are currently in slush-piles, waiting to be read.

I had a blog pre-hiatus, but shut it down when the writing ground to a halt. Now, with the writing starting up again, it felt like a good time to start a new one.

I’ll be posting updates and ramblings as and when, so stay tuned.