Two Stories


A couple of days ago, I received my contributor’s copy of issue 9 of Structo, a literary magazine featuring, ‘stories, poetry, interviews, essays, and such.’ It also features my short story, Weekend, which was the first piece I wrote after my hiatus. The story focuses on a young child whose parents have separated. It’s also the only piece I’ve ever written in the second-person perspective. With regards to the magazine itself, Structo is excellently put together, both in terms of content and aesthetic, and it’s clear that the Structo team have very high standards. The Structo website is here, and there’s a link there if you want to purchase an issue.


The other story I’ve had accepted is a piece I wrote a while ago. It’s called The Street-People, and it’s very different to Weekend – it’s much more cynical in tone, with digs at class and consumerism, and it’s far more fantastical in terms of its content. It’s available online at the Litro website. Litro is a great print magazine, but what’s more, each week the website offers free flash fiction (FlashFriday), a free essay (EssaySaturday), and a short story (StorySunday) The Street-People can be read for free here.