Some Things I’ve Read Recently

Having recently finished the first draft of a novella, I’ve been able to dedicate a little more time to reading these last few weeks. I’ve been sticking to short fiction and novellas. Here are some recent ones, in no particular order.

A short story called “In the Wake of my Father” by Ray Cluley. One of the highlights of Black Static #74, which can be bought here. A meditation on fathers, childhood, memory and grief. Excellent. Another of Ray’s stories, “The Whaler’s Song,” is in the May issue of The Dark.

“Emergent” by Rob Costello. This was in the February issue of The Dark. A very different take on a father/son relationship – this one’s full of toxicity and resentment, all of it wrapped up in the supernatural and swirling around one very sad incident.

Agents of Dreamland by Caitlin R. Kiernan. I’m woefully behind on my Kiernan reading, and clearly I’ve been missing out. A really tightly structured novella of cosmic horror, end-of-the-world cults, and shadowy government agents. Kiernan’s writing is great. It’s the first in a trilogy, published by Tor.

I was going to read Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl next, but then I heard about the Shirley Jackson film, so now I’m rereading We Have Always Lived in the Castle, just because. Then I’ll get back to The Drowning Girl.