Short Fiction

“The Maxo Polyester Swirl Bowling Ball, 14 lbs” – The Dark, issue 61 (June 2020). Available here.

“We Didn’t Always Live in the Woods” – Black Static, issue 73 (January 2020). Buy it here.

“Don’t Come Looking” – Black Static, issue 72 (November 2019).

“Glass Eyes in Porcelain Faces” – Black Static, issue 70 (July 2019). Available to read here. Reprinted in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, Vol. 1. Ed. Paula Guran. (forthcoming 2020).

“I Bet You” – BFS Horizons, issue 9 (June 2019).

“Pomegranate Pomegranate” – Black Static, issue 69 (May 2019). Reprinted in The Dark, issue 51 (August 2019) and available to read online here. Reprinted in PseudoPod, ep. 682 (December 2019) as an audio story and available to listen to here. Included in Jared Shurin’s The Best of British Fantasy 2019 Recommended Reading List.

“The Blockage” – Black Static, issue 64 (July 2018).

“Bury Me with Broken Light Bulbs, Bury Me in Shattered Glass” – Black Static, issue 62 (March 2018).