The Blockage – forthcoming.

Bury Me with Broken Light Bulbs, Bury Me in Shattered Glass – forthcoming.

Night Happenings – Lit Up (Online). (November 2017). Read it here.

Nightself – The Junction (Online). (October 2017). Available here.

Lonely Funeral – Literally Literary (Online) (October 2017). Read it here.

Pool Hall Kid – Ambit, issue 222. (October 2015). Also available to read here.

When the Moon Overtakes the Sun – The EEEL / tNY.Press (April 2015); also available to read here.

An Echo on the Night Wind – Ambit, issue 218 (October 2014) ; reprinted online in Lit Up (September 2017). Read it here.

Harry Simpson’s Body – Ambit, issue 214 (October 2013) ; reprinted in Firewords Quarterly, issue 2 (August 2014) ; reprinted online in Lit Up (October 2017) and available to read here.

The Street-People – Litro. (Online). (February 2013). Available to read here.

Weekend – Structo, issue 9. (January 2013). Available to read here.

Lights – Pseudopod, episode 237. (July 2011). An audio story, available here.

Out of Time – Murky Depths, issue 8. (May 2009) ; Variant Frequencies, season 5. (November 2009).

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